About Me

I’m Taylor Scott Nelson, aka “Tnelly” or “T$ (Tmoney),” not to be confused with the thousands of other Taylor Nelsons trying to be as awesome as myself! I’ve spent the past few years as a PR and marketing specialist working for a multitude of clients in diverse industries across various agencies in the Dallas metroplex, and came to a realization….

I was living a life of unhappiness and unfulfillment. A life that felt like it was not my own – catering to the “white picket fence” expectations of others – on a conscience auto-pilot mode to do a good job and get by in this world.

So I made a deliberate decision to change, and came across what I feel to be my larger-than-life calling during this intrapersonal transformation – community, sustainability and permaculture. What started off as a Google ‘rabbit-hole’ search caught fire and began to take shape, opening doors and windows that I never knew existed.

The purpose of this blog is to document my adventures so my family knows I’m not dead/not to worry, as well as build my personal brand and document my thoughts along the way. So feel free to comment or contact me to be a part of my adventure!