Lost Valley Class Itinerary

Lost Valley Class Itinerary

Here is the PDF link to the Fall 2017 HSS Schedule which outlines my classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday into the following categories: Social, Ecological, Economic, Worldview and Personal.

All of the PDC classes are on Wednesday, and we have about 4-5 students attending from Eugene on those days.

Mondays’ classes are typically devoted to Social and Economic classes, while Fridays classes focus on Worldview and Personal – which include topics like ceremonies, Tai Chi, journaling and stages of consciousness.

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Roadtrip Map – Taylor’s Oregon Trail

Taylor’s Oregon Trail Map on Google – From Dallas, TX to Dexter, OR

Below is the map of my journey from Texas to Oregon over a 5 day drive. I also included the city stops, driving distances and travel times for each leg of my trip underneath the map.

Destinations on my roadtrip:  [Not including stop times]

Leg A-B: Frisco, TX to Salina, KS
6 h 39 min (438.1 mi)

Leg B-C: Salina, KS to Denver, CO
5 h 58 min (434.7 mi)

Leg C-D: Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT
7 h 47 min (520.7 mi)

Leg D-E: Salt Lake City, UT to Burns, OR
7 h 32 min (523.8 mi)

Leg E-F: Burns, OR to Dexter, OR
4 h 17 min (246.7 mi)

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Roadtrip Day 5 – Photos

This is the first daytime-view of the motel that I stayed at in Burns, Oregon. The night drive to the motel was very straining, but the light this sign emitted was like a beacon in the dark the night before.

Here is another view of the actual hotel, which wasn’t half bad as a last minute, one-night stay.

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Roadtrip Day 4 – Part 2– Photos

After a long drive through the rest of Utah, I finally made it to Idaho! I buckled down and powered through until I saw a Chickfila sign at the Twin Falls exit – which turned out to be my most interesting detour.

After gorging myself at Chickfila and resupplying at Target, I headed over to the town’s visitor center, which sat at the edge of the canyon on the far end of the Perrine Memorial Bridge. Below is a scale-model of the bridge that many people use for base-jumping.

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