Christmas Lights and Adventures

I had a festive holiday season, which included a trip home to see family and friends! I met friends for Christmas lights, went with the girlfriend to an Austin art bazaar, and a Christmas music-timed lightshow at an Austin lakeside coffee bar.

Trail of Lights – Addison, TX

I met up with a group of friends I made while I was living in Dallas, before I moved to Austin. We all went out to Vitruvian Park in Addison, Texas to the Trail of Lights, a sea of lighting that encompasses all the trees immediately in and around the complex walking path. I also worked for a few years in the lower building complex with the HCK2 Partners marketing and communications agency.

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Personal Project: Seed Bombs

Inspired by my previous experiences making seed bombs, my excess old used worm newspaper, and a bag of wildflower seeds I was holding onto – I decided to make my own seed bombs. Ideal seed bombs have soil, clay, and compost with seeds inside acting as an explosive seedling environment to flourish. However, they can also be made with used newspaper because it will melt in the rain releasing the seeds, just like a soil-based seed bomb.

For this experimental project, I followed an instructional YouTube video on how to do with newspaper – including how to add dye to color the seed bombs! I had most of the materials on hand except the small blender and cactus silicon mold – both found at Goodwill!

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Personal Project: Swing Set Planter

After finding and collecting a sizable stash of Topsy Turvys from Goodwill, I found an idea from Pinterest on how to hand and use them! What I did was find a FREE swing set on Craigslist, disassemble it, drive it home, and them reassemble it in the backyard. This would serve as the semi-mobile vertical planter hanger without digging into the yard as a renter tenant.

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Personal Project: Grow Light Stations

After attending the Mother Earth News Fair, I was inspired by Jack Spirko’s indoor grow tower and built a tower of my own. Overtime my grow light stations have evolved – which I’ve highlighted in this blog further below. I also wanted to highlight a few window shelf solar grows, including a unique Chia Pet!

Using a barren shelf unit in the living room, I attached my grow lights to shine on each level. I started using them to get my houseplants growing better and rooting deeper. Then I moved my plants to the window shelves and swapped in seed in biodegradable cups sitting in muffin trays. I didn’t see a whole lot of success except with my green beans and a couple of wildflower seed cups.

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