Taylor’s Vermiculture Background

My vermiculture adventure started in November 2018 a couple months after I returned to Texas from my eco-road trip . Having spent the previous seven months up at an intentional community in Oregon, I wanted to continue my greener living with something easy I could do.

I saw a DIY worm bin class advertised online with the Texas Worm Ranch, and figured it might be interesting. Little did I know how big these little guys would become in my life after I got my first worm bin going!

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Take Care of Texas Works

Take Care of Texas is a statewide campaign from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that provides helpful information on Texas’ successes in environmental protection and encourages all Texans to help keep our air and water clean, conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and save a little money in the process!

Take Care of Texas Overview

I’ve outlined major highlights below in my role with the Take Care of Texas (TCOT) program. These sections include samples of my work ranging from graphical work to written blog content and more! I’ve also included my experiences with other program initiatives.

Program Revamp

Shortly after joining the program, a new logo was implemented for TCEQ as well as the TCOT program.

Using my background in marketing, I helped steer the program into a new branding direction with the team. This also included updating our style guide, branded content, and other initiative logos – like our Proud Partner Logo.

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New Job is to Take Care of Texas

I moved onto the next chapter of my professional career and moved to Austin, Texas, to make it happen. I now work for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, under it’s outreach program called Take Care of Texas. In this position, I’m a marketing and outreach liaison to the public — with focus on educators and K-12 students.

Check out TakeCareOfTexas.org to learn more about the program!

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Musical Celebrations for Tree Plantings

There were many different types of tree planting celebrations. A lot of which involved golden shovels for sponsors and photo opps! However, music was always a key theme at our events. We had a speaker setup at most events to use as a PA system, but also plugged in music for occasional events. Many of these celebrations also had local students perform as part of the ceremonies.

Below is a compilation of sped-up clips showing students performing or singing along for you to enjoy!

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Mulchkins at Tree Plantings

One of the fun parts about the Cool Schools tree plantings were the younger students who came out to put mulch rings around the freshly planted trees. I nicknamed these kids “Mulchkins,” combining mulch and munchkins together. Hearing them scream in joy and running around spilling mulch everywhere was certainly a sight to see.

I made a compilation video of different mulchkin groups running around at tree plantings for you to enjoy!

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