Austin Trip – Monolithic Dome Institute

Monolithic Dome Institute

My two week adventure to Austin started with a stop at the Monolithic Dome Institute’s Dome Research Park in Italy, Texas.

As a kid, I would always travel by Bruco, the giant dome caterpillar, on our family trips to visit my grandparents before they lost their home to one of the Texas fires several years ago. So this was the first time I actually pulled off the highway and took a look at the actual domes and houses that made up this unique dome community!

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Eco-Road Trip – Muir Commons Cohousing & Davis Domes

Muir Commons Cohousing & Davis Domes– Summary:

  • Who: Webb Hester
  • What: Drove from Sonoma County to Davis, CA; Toured and stayed at the Muir Commons Cohousing; Explored the UC Davis Student Domes
  • When: Thursday, March 29
  • Where: Davis, CA

Quick Resources:

My Route:

Planning my Eco-Inspired Road Trip Blog Post


My Travel Story:

I left Luther Burbank’s Gold Ridge Experimental Farm in Sebastopol, CA, and drove to my next destination for the day at Muir Commons Community in Davis, CA – one of the first cohousing developments in the US built in 1990.

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